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Sweet Buttercream! She looks a bit evil, but she’s not lolll, she likes baking, magic(though she’s an earth pony) and is good friends with Lyra and Starlight. She’s also totally gay for Twi but shhh, ship art coming later ;3
safe1972088 artist:4agonism60 oc836909 oc only614798 oc:sweet buttercream1 earth pony361733 pony1324069 >:)274 >:p19 abstract background20714 bags under eyes2547 bracelet12761 bust67161 cape12877 checkered bracelet1 checkers61 chest fluff53360 clothes559428 colored hooves8920 ear fluff41671 ear piercing35651 earring27282 earth pony oc18945 eye clipping through hair10981 female1603823 frog (hoof)17461 hair bun4340 jewelry91316 lineart23397 looking at you217181 multicolored hair8942 not roseluck25 not trixie139 piercing53528 pointing4994 raised eyebrow7940 raised hoof59889 regalia29835 smiling331411 smirk15863 solo1268622 stars19924 sun8124 tongue out128668 underhoof61785 unshorn fetlocks36356 watermark20978


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