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safe1975096 screencap264115 alpine aspen125 cherry flyaway141 delightful trifle109 lemon gear135 minty skylark68 nightmare moon18948 plum library153 sunny starscout12875 sunny styles35 earth pony363011 pegasus408380 pony1327460 unicorn448123 g541310 my little pony: tell your tale10527 nightmare night party309 spoiler:tyts01e30309 animated113213 background pony audience437 catwalk80 clothes560764 cosplay31578 costume35257 eyepatch3592 fake horn1071 fake wings980 female1606700 male461191 mane stripe sunny26 mare619963 nightmare night costume2060 nightmare sunny135 scared12650 serious1423 serious face1277 silhouette3000 smoke3130 spread wings75736 stallion150953 unnamed character1752 unnamed pony2237 wings175939


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Like Sprout when he once breathe like Darth Vader, now he’s sentenced to community service, though in real life he would be in jail for various reasons sentenced by Hitch.

Somewhere at the crowd, you can hear a shaky, high-pitched, wailing voice “OoooooHhhhh Yeeeees~!
Rest in peace, Paul Bearer.
@Magic Nova
Almost wish that her would wear a mask with the costume, so I can imagine Vader’s breathing as Imperial March plays with everpony cower in fear.

@Background Pony #4E75
No, that’s just the choreography on how Sunny walked onto the runway. It’s like The Undertaker, the mist, the lightning spotlight, and then the eyes closed followed by the white eyes. Though Sunny is not doing all of it, just parts of it.
Background Pony #2DE3
I’m impressed that Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Night are still remembered considering how much time has passed and how little of that past is remembered.