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safe1972209 artist:rexyseven230 oc836973 oc only614838 oc:koraru koi15 oc:rusty gears208 crab1252 earth pony361816 fish3251 hybrid26096 merpony2791 pony1324218 seapony (g4)6213 barrel1940 bubble6871 clothes559515 cup7737 cute236391 digital art25732 diving helmet37 dorsal fin1266 eyes closed120825 female1603948 fish tail2519 helmet13571 heterochromia7467 looking at each other27622 looking at someone7413 mare618758 ocbetes7749 ocean9269 open mouth197961 open smile16570 pink mane1525 red mane919 rock5452 seaweed840 smiling331455 smiling at each other1098 socks81904 striped socks25315 tail66413 tea party639 teacup3485 teeth15393 underwater7325 water18861


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I just can’t.. How CUTE is this! And so many details! The crab that pulls the stocking off her leg! And she is so engrossed in conversation and chattering that she does not notice a small leak in the water suit! Colors, atmosphere, I like literally EVERYTHING in this art! Great job!
Background Pony #4814
“You look absolutely silly in that thing! Are you sure I can’t just use magic so you can at least drink your tea?”