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I haven’t actually seen Cowboy Bebop so I’m sure these two drawings are funny in context––
safe1945891 artist:captainhoers1230 oc823092 oc only605707 oc:grass cutter16 oc:ivy bells9 oc:stick shift22 oc:tim37 earth pony350581 kirin12131 pegasus394951 pony1295599 unicorn433753 absurd resolution70701 acting77 bipedal43091 black and white15230 comic122433 cowboy bebop113 dialogue78618 female1579211 grayscale43558 katana1131 kirin oc2516 levitation14063 magic85151 male450545 mare603874 monochrome162660 script151 stallion145552 sword13364 telekinesis33496 weapon36072 yelling3737


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