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Equestria Beach Babes
safe1972537 artist:keronianniroro215 edit156959 vector edit3865 sci-twi28869 sunset shimmer72676 twilight sparkle333035 human203896 equestria girls234002 equestria girls series38674 forgotten friendship6223 absurd resolution71596 adorasexy11415 adorkable4055 bare shoulders5076 beach babe799 belly button95784 bikini22405 clothes559631 cute236472 dork4373 duo118072 female1604255 glasses77464 grin53039 high res86754 looking at you217294 peace sign4023 ponytail22665 sarong1307 sci-twi swimsuit319 sexy38035 simple background502128 sleeveless7291 smiling331524 stomach986 sunset selfie68 swimsuit34754 transparent background248085 twiabetes13859 vector84104


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Background Pony #545E
Twilight: How long do we have to hold this pose?
Sunset: Just keep smiling, it’s the last roll of film.
Twilight: You’re still using film? What century are you from?
Sunset: One where teenagers don’t bang guys in full time employment.
Twilight: Hehe~ bite me Sunset.
Sunset: Why? I’m not Timber Sprouse now am I?