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Queen Chrysalis wished to route out Princess Celestia due to her mistreatment to her when Luna and Chrysalis were very little. Celestia did everything she could to cast Chrysalis away for the sake of her sister’s safety, which made Chrysalis furious…and fled to brew some tension in return for what Celestia did to her and not allowing Luna to become her first ever friend. A poor changeling mistreated and bullied for being ‘different’ and a ‘love-starving monster’ for being a friend, an ally, a pony to relate to, casted away from Luna.
Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings, a hag of bloodlust, revenge, and no mercy invaded Canterlot to defeat Celestia out of anger and revenge and to bring her love starving Hive back to it’s feet again. By infiltrating the palace and replacing Princess Cadence on her wedding of Shining Armor with herself, Queen Chrysalis and her hive were able to take Canterlot by surprise, capturing both Celestia and Luna. Only Twilight Sparkle’s last-minute intervention and the assistance of the real Princess Cadence defeated Queen Chrysalis, which also drove her changelings out of the city to set foot into the Hive again…slowly brewing for another plan.
Not long after Celestia has been banished, Chrysalis planning of to siege Canterlot has been changed. Chrysalis decided to visit Canterlot without her large swarm and stood at the doors, waiting for Luna. Once they’ve met, it was a awkward but meaningful reunion of the old friendship they’ve lost. And so, from that day. The Changeling Queendom and Eventide have been Allies.
With the help of Eventide with trading and industrialization. The Queendom fell into an Industrial Age and they’ve been pumping out war machines, uniforms, trading properties, and creating the most successful Navy of Equis. With Chrysalis changing her title from Queen to Kaiserin, the realm from Changeling Queendom to The Hive Reich from the massive success of unifying all the hives to the North of the Eventide Empire, the boom of technology, and the endless conquests of Harmonic rebellions.


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