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The potion didn’t seem to be working right. It was too much. Her swollen breasts kept getting bigger, leaving the limits of her new sports bra. During the training, her breasts swelled a few more sizes. Dash’s giant, sensitive nipples rubbed against the fabric as she ran and jumped about on the field. She felt like they were going to burst through at any moment! And now, standing in the locker room changing into street clothes after practice—well, that just wasn’t enough either. Rainbow knew what had happened: somehow this stuff was turning her into some sort of super-breasted superheroine or something. The only question was whether it would go away when the effect wore off… if it ever did. In the meantime, there seemed no way around it but for her to take advantage of her new assets.
suggestive172825 artist:iaisuka2 machine learning assisted688 stable diffusion2091 rainbow dash259238 human202654 abs13915 anime style886 breasts342947 busty rainbow dash9961 clothes558867 cutie mark on clothes4965 cutie mark underwear979 digital art25692 erect nipples14445 female1602389 humanized110073 implied breast expansion202 lockers2358 sexy37949 solo1267805 solo female207409 story included11324 stupid sexy rainbow dash4175 underwear70782


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Also, the gallery at the source has other pictures tagged “ai art” as well as pictures not tagged “ai art” that exhibit typical AI artifacts like distorted hands and toes. I would posit that the cutie mark and maybe the hair colors were hand-edited onto a ML base image, for this.