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safe1972156 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1076 applejack187834 hitch trailblazer8067 rainbow dash259384 sunny starscout12794 earth pony361771 pegasus406970 pony1324155 fall weather friends873 g47303 g540941 applejack's hat11913 autumn2073 blaze (coat marking)2711 cheek fluff7866 chest fluff53366 coat markings9207 confident1002 cowboy hat21941 ear fluff41676 facial markings3963 feathered fetlocks864 female1603888 g4 to g5345 generation leap7936 grin53025 hat108986 hoof fluff2636 illusion197 leaf1348 leaves2835 leg fluff3923 looking at each other27622 looking at someone7412 looking back74118 male460039 mare618721 open mouth197945 raised hoof59894 running7126 running of the leaves200 smiling331438 socks (coat markings)5408 stallion150250 tail66404 tail feathers1144 tree41450 unshorn fetlocks36361


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I wonder if in the G5 universe, that means that they abandoned the idea of the Running of the Leaves to make the leaves fall