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- I don’t know if I can finish my punishment… -
After several long minutes of discussion, Starlight Glimmer offered her a deal to prove that she has changed. Cozy Glow swallowed and replied that she would do whatever she said. Starlight Glimmer told her what she had to do. She must apologize to: her (Starlight Glimmer), the Mane 6, the former Princesses, the CMC, the student she was in class with, and an apology to the entire Kingdom of Equestria in Canterlot. Cozy Glow thought for a few seconds and agreed, deeming the punishment to be fair.
After a week of apologizing, Cozy Glow felt her heart lighter, from a weight she didn’t think was so heavy. She returned to Starlight Glimmer’s pres to apologize. Starlight Glimmer, with a big, suspicious smile, tells her that her punishment isn’t really over, and that she needs to catch up on her studies. Cozy Glow did not expect to catch up. But she admitted to herself that it was also fair considering what she does with friendship.
Starlight Glimmer half reassures her that she is the one who will be watching her over the next few days or weeks as Cozy Glow works to catch up.
During several weeks, Cozy Glow and Starlight stayed for several hours to catch up on Cozy Glow’s schoolwork. Cozy Glow already knew some of the lessons, but she still had to repeat them because she did not do them well.
After catching up, Stralight Glimmer gave Cozy Glow the boot for good. Cozy Glow felt better and understood the importance of friendship and how to use it well.
After graduating from the Friendship School, she traveled around Equestria to return to the school to become an advisor to a teacher, while helping other creatures in need.
However, she received another letter from Tirek, which she tore up as soon as she saw it. That life with Tirek, for her, was long gone.
I really hope you like this kind of story!
The other parts of this little story:
The Excuse
The After-Life
The first part of a little project I have in mind, about the Ryoku Verse with antagonist of the show.
This will be articulated in 3 steps:
-the first part is the excuse, you will see the antagonist return to the character or characters who hurt him the most to apologize for their act.
-the second part is acceptance, where the character agrees to forgive the antagonist.
-the third and final part is the afterlife, where the antagonist takes on a new life.
It is the last vilian who had his redemption in the Ryoku Verse.
Have a nice day!
And don’t forget to watch me for more!


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