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The follow up to this >>3089137
The diaper alt of this >>3089143
A month has passed since the Poison Joke incident and now, the trio has adjusted to living as babies. And it sure looks like Fluttershy has gotten the hang of the role as she is now teething on the ear of a bunny plush. They have been in great hooves with their current caregiver and they don’t mind it one bit.
And yeah, by the way, that weird toy is not a peanut, it’s a type of rattle.
The front is Fluttershy, to the left is the Seapony (I don’t know her name), and the right in the back row is Peach Watermelon, or Peach. And yes, Peach has a different eye color, that is actually because she has heterochromia so that means she has two eye colors, one of her eyes is blue and the other is purple.

safe2154153 alternate version84674 artist:small-brooke1998743 fluttershy256051 oc936315 oc:peach watermelon4 bat pony73696 pegasus487851 pony1582073 seapony (g4)6850 g42006847 age regression1780 baby bottle980 commission114815 cubes43 diaper16737 drool34072 foal42847 followup60 key935 non-baby in diaper12366 offscreen character51262 pacifier3300 rattle268 seapony oc136 speech bubble38131 teething17 toy25236 wet diaper2986 younger22621


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