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I mean… why not? ( And this is just AU anyway )

safe2154573 artist:djkaskan168 misty brightdawn8257 opaline arcana3082 twilight sparkle354724 alicorn310155 pony1582541 unicorn528878 g42007228 g573201 the last problem8038 spoiler:g532072 alternate universe12833 blushing268966 coat markings12837 crown29427 curved horn11074 dialogue91093 embarrassed15084 eyes closed137073 female1781300 freckles42998 frown35540 high res406174 horn179116 jewelry110760 looking at someone15001 looking away5475 looking down14364 mare728346 misty riding opaline4 mother and child5869 mother and daughter8233 older39550 older twilight4311 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3807 opaline arcana is twilight's daughter2 open mouth233118 open smile29436 outline2351 partially open wings1948 peytral7177 princess twilight 2.03773 raised hoof68481 regalia35739 simple background585639 sitting90767 smiling389966 socks (coat markings)7737 sparkles8702 speech bubble38148 trio25367 trio female5372 turned head1849 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148053 unshorn fetlocks45188 wings217022


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Background Pony #706C
But what about Misty being a descendant of Twilight? Opaline would be raising her enemy’s future.