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I know it’s June 1st, but this was intended for the last week of May so I’m not that far off. This is a second Mermay piece but late.
Top row; Misty, Hitch, and Sunny. Bottom row; Pipp, Izzy, and Zipp. The mane 5 and Misty as Seaponies and it looks like they’re surprised by their new forms, but enjoying it at the same time. At least in this form, they can breathe underwater.
And yes, I used Misty’s future design for this piece and new cutie mark, so potential spoilers.

safe2152831 artist:small-brooke1998743 hitch trailblazer13543 izzy moonbow21002 misty brightdawn8105 pipp petals20422 sunny starscout20782 zipp storm16415 alicorn309747 earth pony437264 merpony3080 pegasus487305 pony1580780 seapony (g4)6844 unicorn528033 g572845 bubble8685 crepuscular rays4727 digital art29003 dorsal fin2394 eyes closed136873 female1779303 fin1119 fin wings2220 fins3428 fish tail3954 flowing mane4682 flowing tail3129 glowing18359 glowing horn28691 green eyes9255 happy43829 horn178372 male542392 mane five4099 mane six (g5)910 mane stripe sunny7328 mare727283 mermay200 new design36 ocean12174 open mouth232724 open smile29255 pink eyes1852 rebirth misty3504 seaponified3354 seapony hitch trailblazer7 seapony izzy moonbow28 seapony misty brightdawn11 seapony pipp petals17 seapony sunny starscout9 seapony zipp storm12 smiling389256 species swap26298 stallion191407 sunlight2609 swimming4564 tail95470 underwater9158 water24600 wings216458


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