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I’m not saying that it will be good, but I am saying that ideas that sound horrendously stupid on paper can turn out to be good when executed.


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Captain Majesty

@Background Pony  
Kittan and Kamina are best cops.
But Gurren Gakuen-hen was still funny and cute.
As for the point this post is trying to make… I don’t think it’s exactly the best idea to compare a show about pastel-colored ponies learning the magic of friendship to a show about giant robots (and I mean GIANT), manly fighting spirit and LOTS AND LOTS OF DRILLS.
But, regardless, I will tune in and make my judgement when Equestria Girls actually comes out.
… Wait, when does it come out again?
Background Pony #0D31
You’ll get used to em. Especially in motion. I’m sure there are people who said the same thing about G4 when the first images came out.  
They probably won’t even have certain charecters for the show. They may end up having all new adventures. We don’t even know if magic works there. Just wait and see.
Besides, Season 4 of FIM is going to continue on from when we left off for at least the first few episodes, and even then we have the monthly IDW comics, and whatever this crazy fandom has to pump out (for better or worse), and there are other shows as well, such as TFprime or Nick’s TMNT, or Legend of Korra, or heck, just go outside.
Ultimately, My little Pony is a slice of life, fantasy comedey series that teaches about friendship and is mostly there to provide a good chuckle or two. The fandom… that’s another story.
There are better things to do than just complain and argue about something that you haven’t even seen/researched properly and that everyone else is going to accept anyway.
Background Pony #BD8A
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is MUCH better as a Miami Vice-stylized buddy cop comic.
cough DOUBLE K cough
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

See, then they’re not villains, they’re just run of the mill assholes. Like that, those characters will pose even less threat to Twilight seeing as she’s from another world and they can’t affect her life at all in the long run, seeing as Twi will just go back to Equestira when all is done.
Unless they leave Twi trapped in another. Which they almost certainly won’t, but if they did, I would have to respect the authors for the sheer audacity of it.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

See. Watered down.  
The main thing about them is that those types of characters are only not nice, not completely evil. Hell, even in shows where those types of characters are actually the bad guy, they actually help solve more problems than good characters do.
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The Bestia
Sure it can.
Sombra: Evil Gym teacher.
Discord: That fricken creepy janitor, or a chemist that really likes his explosions
Nightmare Moon: the bitchy super intendent, perhaps.
Chrysalis:…I have no idea what she would be. Perhaps the biology teacher, who’s a jerk.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Speaking of villains, I really hope some kind of credible threat exists in this AU. I imagine it’d be hard for Twilight Sparkle, the mare who faced down Discord, to find watered down high school bully versions of her rogue’s gallery threatening.
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The Anti-Normies
for me, the only reason why EQG sucks is those fucking ulgy anthros they are using, stupid monster ing ripoffs…  
if they had used a different style of anthros i would see it before judging bur because i can’t stand that art style i will ignore the fuck outta it.
Background Pony #D85F
Just another proof that every fandom is actually fandumb.  
Whatever happens it’s always ‘IT’S CHANGED, NOW IT SUCKS.’  
Even if it’s not. Meh, according to you stagnation and decay (as opposing to change and development) is good.
Sad, but true.
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Undead inside
@Background Pony  
I have no idea how someone could NOT like Rochelle, Toralei, Venus and Jinafire!  
And I mean the dolls, I don’t keep up with the webisodes.  
Why no people NOT want MORE of a good thing?