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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2154159 hitch trailblazer13574 izzy moonbow21066 misty brightdawn8252 pipp petals20476 sunny starscout20893 zipp storm16468 earth pony437805 pegasus487851 pony1582080 unicorn528646 2024 franchise overview53 g573158 my little pony: tell your tale24786 official11911 bag9378 bracelet15302 coat markings12829 diadem479 female1780867 fluttershy's cutie mark550 freckles42972 friendship bracelet820 gradient mane2505 grin61977 headband5496 hoof heart1998 jewelry110718 looking at you254499 male542988 mane five4109 mane six (g5)918 mane stripe sunny7341 mare728114 open mouth233039 open smile29402 pale belly2970 raised hoof68462 rebirth misty3648 regalia35729 saddle bag8120 sash679 simple background585442 smiling389805 smiling at you23716 socks (coat markings)7731 stallion191708 standing24073 transparent background281107 twilight sparkle's cutie mark653 underhoof67972 unshorn fetlocks45160


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Badge Dragon
I do like Misty’s new hair, but watching the new ep I finally felt that weird contrast between her eye color and the new mane color.
Is this what its like when people complain about Sonic’s green eyes