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Happy Pride Month! And this only took me over 2 weeks to complete because of things in life. But here it is.
Front row: Brooke (with the genderfluid flag) and Windblade (wearing demisexual colors).
Back row: Small Brooke (wearing a onesie with the aroace colors), Sirius (wearing the asexual colors on his bandana), and Chromia (wearing the LGBTQ alliance colors on her shirt).
Hovering: Shatter (wearing a bisexual colored scarf and LGBTQ Pride glasses) and Star (wearing the new LGTBTQ+ flag bow and a pansexual colored onesie).
The colors obviously represent their sexualities.
This was a suggestion from a friend but I didn’t say anything.

safe2154205 artist:small-brooke1998743 oc936337 oc:brooke39 oc:sirius canis major33 oc:small brooke97 oc:starshine twinkle28 pegasus487867 pony1582125 unicorn528665 bandana7108 chromia50 clothes625537 diaper16739 gay pride232 group photo1049 non-baby in diaper12369 onesie1202 pride4172 pride month832 scarf31860 shatter (transformers)235 transformers4586 windblade124


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Small Brooke
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Small Brooke
Перевод пожалуйста
(English: Translation Please?)
(Для контекста, я не говорю по-русски, я полагаюсь на Google Translator, но кажется, что Translator не может определить, что вы сказали после хе-хе. Вы говорите по-английски?)
(English: For context, I don’t speak Russian, I rely on Google Translator, but Translator doesn’t seem to be able to determine what you said after hehe. Do you speak English?)