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Been working on this one off and on over the last few days. Don’t tell Astra but I used a contrast fix, also dug up my old V2 nmm dreambooth from 8 months ago to put it to use again, crazy that those older models still have some special sauce worth squeezing out. Predominately its a result of v5->photoshop->v5->etc though. Maybe I should do something that’s not just Luna or Zipp though.

suggestive185583 ai assisted1313 ai content12925 artist:craft6 editor:craft70 generator:purplesmart.ai2176 generator:stable diffusion6917 princess luna114822 anthro346406 g41934440 bed55255 breasts376569 clothes612383 female1746336 horn173295 lingerie13568 looking at you246675 moon30522 night36508


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