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safe2118846 screencap287381 cloudpuff577 izzy moonbow19581 misty brightdawn6659 pipp petals18900 queen haven1691 sunny starscout18994 dog13177 earth pony423635 flying pomeranian444 pegasus471780 pomeranian484 pony1479955 unicorn512881 cutie blossom bash231 g566434 my little pony: make your mark9855 my little pony: make your mark chapter 51577 spoiler:g528049 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark6675 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 51561 spoiler:mymc05e01226 alternate mane color75 bag9042 bracelet14815 crown28683 cute257315 eyes closed133763 eyeshadow27728 female1740444 fluttershy's cutie mark511 flying52794 freckles41596 friendship bracelet746 frown34162 green hair834 green mane848 grin60071 group7160 hoof heart1831 jewelry107038 makeup37506 male529645 mane stripe sunny6572 mare703742 mistybetes805 open mouth225579 open smile26510 rainbow dash's cutie mark547 regalia34784 saddle bag7970 sextet326 sitting88409 smiling377207 twilight sparkle's cutie mark587 underhoof66641 unshorn fetlocks43207 upside-down hoof heart420 winged dog498 zephyr heights401


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Music Connoisseur
I legit thought this was an edit for a few seconds
Also, is no one talking about Sunny, Haven and Cloudpuff? It looks like they’re silently praying
Background Pony #87BF
Looks like Misty is ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or something.