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I started watching Tell Your Tale again the other day and was inspired, so have a quick scene redraw!! I really thought that picture was fun.
I think I’ve finally figured out how I like drawing G5 ponies though!! Kinda leaning between the 3D style and pony styles. Think it works well. n_n!!
This is probably the last thing you’re going to see from me for a bit because this weekend I’m going to be at Everfree Northwest!! See ya there~

safe2152307 artist:willoillo432 misty brightdawn8083 zipp storm16395 pegasus487086 pony1580175 unicorn527835 g572765 hot day huh?440 my little pony: tell your tale24551 spoiler:g531858 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale22415 spoiler:tyts01e57439 absurd resolution67002 duo164009 duo female29400 female1778698 happy43820 hoof heart1990 looking at each other33475 looking at someone14911 mare726977 open mouth232592 open smile29217 rebirth misty3489 redraw3110 smiling389071 summer2080 surfboard1046 surfing508 underhoof67882


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