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Rarity Belle Bouvier × (Big) Olaf Mclntosh
Glory apple Bouvier
baker and sewing as a hobby
McIntosh has a big attachment to his daughter cause she is a perfect reflection of his late mother
Glory learned all her recipes with Granny smith, making her granny’s favorite pie every Christmas

safe2114864 artist:lesghostie18 apple bloom58824 applejack195972 big macintosh32770 granny smith6008 rarity212693 oc915185 oc:glory apple bouvier1 earth pony421506 pony1475511 unicorn511065 apple20542 apple pie370 aunt and niece621 beard5371 body markings1012 chest fluff61619 coat markings11936 colored hooves10836 elderly736 facial hair9549 facial markings5344 female1736564 filly93615 foal40053 food97014 freckles41359 gray background13140 great grandmother and great grandchild9 hair bun5044 heart71688 height difference1951 horn139168 long feather138 lying down41607 male528191 mare701111 missing cutie mark6157 nuzzling4934 offspring49194 older37680 older apple bloom3237 pale belly2715 parent:big macintosh4142 parent:rarity5522 parents:rarimac94 pie4111 ponytail25597 prone33639 shawl432 ship:rarimac542 shipping245576 shoulder freckles1471 simple background567858 sitting88126 socks (coat markings)7223 stallion183379 standing22667 straight172158 stripe (coat marking)15 unicorn oc28330 unshorn fetlocks43016


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