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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2154359 alternate version84697 artist:pesty_skillengton877 fluttershy256077 pegasus487940 pony1582324 g42007157 butt226786 colored ear fluff183 cute263231 daaaaaaaaaaaw6909 dock70073 ear fluff49251 ears back4015 eyes closed137046 female1781087 floppy ears71910 flutterbutt8087 frog (hoof)19798 high res406179 hoofbutt1748 hug37185 lying down44668 mare728223 on side9309 onomatopoeia8067 partially open wings1945 pillow25133 pillow hug628 plot141061 shyabetes19014 simple background585545 sleeping29072 smiling389874 solo1409772 sound effects3896 tail95824 text87890 underhoof67978 white background157618 wings216927 zzz3295


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