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Continuation from >>3208140
Sunset clearly had plenty of practise with throwing the Wii remote through the TV with Wii Sports
Also new headcanon: breaking a unicorn horn doesn’t outright remove the ability to use basic magic or telepathy, but it does noticeably degrade the power of said magic, so telepathic dialogue is noisier, like listening to a radio that’s not perfectly tuned in to a station
The horn also grows back in time, don’t worry about it

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
35 lights used in this scene (1 volumetric)
Models used:
[*] - The straitjacket and ball gag aren’t made for the ReVAmped body, therefore to make them work with that body, more manual adjustments have to be made in positioning.
[**] - The harness ballgag is made up from a combination of the ballgag and harness ring gag model from the NexGen pack.
[***] the TV and entertainment unit models were from the SFM Workshop, however the original upload has been taken down, so I’ve reuploaded the pack onto MEGA.

suggestive185169 artist:imafutureguitarhero471 sci-twi30522 sunset shimmer77180 twilight sparkle349459 alicorn302087 classical unicorn5292 unicorn511075 anthro345267 unguligrade anthro63058 series:twilight's sexual deviancy33 g41381895 3d116994 absurd file size3143 absurd resolution66046 alicornified7233 ballgag9017 black bars356 bondage44791 boots32163 bridle4755 broken horn15732 cheek fluff8851 chin fluff461 chromatic aberration1998 clothes610381 cloven hooves15536 colored eyebrows980 colored eyelashes1178 colored wings12828 controller3104 couch11900 crt68 dialogue88764 domset106 drool33305 drool on face208 duo155687 ear fluff47302 ear freckles496 female1736556 femsub13649 film grain451 floppy ears70136 fluffy18469 fluffy hair207 fluffy mane494 fluffy tail457 freckles41359 fur989 gag19212 game console105 glowing17056 glowing horn28051 harness2948 harness ballgag9 harness gag280 hoof boots417 hoof fluff2967 horn139168 jacket18786 latex17866 latex socks3633 latex stockings745 leather2939 leather boots445 leather jacket5097 leg fluff4536 leg freckles175 leonine tail13161 letterboxing1638 magic93605 magic aura8426 mare701085 messy hair1383 messy mane10309 multicolored hair10777 multicolored mane3956 multicolored tail2725 neck fluff1336 nintendo 64292 nose wrinkle3770 one ear down1302 paintover139 pants21266 peppered bacon341 race swap20401 restrained2080 revamped anthros1456 revamped ponies749 role reversal1763 sci-twilicorn620 shiny3899 shoes56534 shorts18816 signature41370 sitting88127 smiling375654 smug8687 smugset shimmer210 socks91052 source filmmaker65828 sparking horn704 stage.bsp243 stockings46137 straitjacket1017 submissive22457 subtitles2126 tack6776 tail88322 tail fluff365 telepathy45 television3281 text85265 thigh highs55767 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145868 twilight sparkle is not amused1932 twisub1108 two toned wings5649 unamused23111 unshorn fetlocks43016 varying degrees of amusement237 video game5920 wall of tags6253 wing fluff2197 wing freckles93 wings207179


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Inconvenient Landmine
There’s definitely no way they’d be able to hide a broken horn on Twilight Sparkle of all ponies! She’s gonna have to make-up a story about how she “Got hurt while on a friendship mission.”.
…The straitjacket might be a little harder to explain though.
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Verified blank-flank
…I’d assume it’d be measured in weeks at least, if not months…
And in the meantime, all of Ponyville will be gossipping about just how kinky Twilight and Sunset’s relationship has become. 🙀😹
Background Pony #26DF
I think the differentiating factor here is that the horn will presumably take some time to grow back (it looks like a sizeable piece broke off, so intuitively I’d assume it’d be measured in weeks at least, if not months), and until that time her magic use is semi-crippled. If telepathy is noisy and poorly tuned, I’d imagine telekinesis would be weaker and less precise, advanced feats of spellcasting would be out of reach, etc.
Unless horns are magic and grow back entirely within days, this is rather more lasting than having sore joints for a day. But is also kinda hot, like a form of longer-term semi-bondage, as Twilight is stuck with crippled magic for a while. Could be a good opportunity for Sunset to play the dom more.
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I miss the show so much
There’s just something special about ballgagged Twilight in a straitjacket.
Though that horn looks painful.
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Verified blank-flank
That old CRT needed to go, anyway. Sunny did Twi a favour by destroying it. Hopefully, they’re using a newer model now. 😆
Background Pony #4171
I’m sure Tempest Shadow is real thrilled at the thought of how Twiggy lost her horn, here

Inconvenient Landmine
@Background Pony #A128
Yea, those are surprisingly masochistic/sadistic.
And normally in the FIM fan-setting broken horns do hurt, but it doesn’t seem like too big of an offense in imafutureguitarhero’s setting. Considering the humiliation Sunset goes through without snapping or really getting upset at Twilight, alongside Twilight being thrown through a TV which results in a broken horns, I think their levels of tolerance are way above ours.
That being said… holy shit, I wasn’t expecting her to actually DO it! Mario Kart just brings out the worst in us, doesn’t it? I do hope Twilight gets her back though.
Background Pony #A128
You see, everything that Twilight did was more or less harmless, but it seems to me that breaking the horn is already too much.
Why do I say “More or less harmless”? Because Here Twilight uses a male chastity belt, which is very painful when aroused.
Background Pony #A128
Twilight still got a blue shell.
Although, it seems to me that this has already gone beyond relaxation, because bodily harm has been inflicted