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safe2118716 artist:xkittycreatorx3 applejack196196 rainbow dash272904 soarin'16516 twilight sparkle349903 oc917289 oc:comet soar2 alicorn302863 earth pony423555 pegasus471719 pony1479805 g41930927 awww225 baby15814 baby pony9050 colt19900 crying54107 cute257295 daaaaaaaaaaaw6645 female1740286 foal40347 male529600 mare703656 newborn671 offspring49247 parent:rainbow dash7281 parent:soarin'3234 parents:soarindash2409 ship:soarindash6418 shipping245972 stallion184256 straight172441 swaddled46 swaddled baby61 swaddling100 tears of joy3376 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146067


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