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Hello friends how are you.
Now it’s the turn of another of the series’ rather forgotten ponies, or one that only appears lately as meaningless filler. That’s right friends, I’m talking about Posey, the rude pony.
I say she is rude because she is quite aggressive and hostile towards others, to the point of being unbearable due to her very behavior.
She really isn’t a pony that I like, but you shouldn’t judge others just because, that’s why I decided to give her a little space here.
I hope you like it friends.
“No doubt, Posey will always be a rude and hostile pony, since she doesn’t like to try and experience new things.”

safe2152831 artist:bitter sweetness154 posey bloom1609 earth pony437264 pony1580779 g572845 my little pony: a new generation14624 my little pony: make your mark10796 my little pony: tell your tale24581 spoiler:g531871 abdl1290 adult foal2113 blue sky403 diaper16731 diaper fetish11017 female1779302 fetish56225 grass14995 high res406041 looking at you254198 looking between legs970 mare727282 non-baby in diaper12357 open mouth232724 poofy diaper5461 spanish5330 spanish text410 traditional art141606 translated in the description1633


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