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I’m honestly a bit rusty at drawing ponies but I do like how they came out!
but my 2023 designs are actually redrawn from my old designs I did in 2020! I didn’t change a lot of stuff since a genuinely still like them but I do feel like I improved in some aspects :)
I’m not the best at designing characters but it can be fun ^^

safe2152319 artist:purplesound18 artist:soundwavepie85 rarity215693 classical unicorn5411 pony1580169 unicorn527834 g42004920 chest fluff63791 choker20804 cloven hooves16119 collar47189 colored hooves11542 concave belly3396 curved horn11041 ear piercing42616 earring31902 female1778694 fishnets7645 hooves25554 horn178255 horn ring7554 jewelry110503 leonine tail13638 lipstick16411 makeup39234 mare726980 piercing62547 raised hoof68370 redesign4374 redraw3110 ring6610 simple background584575 slender5017 smiling389076 solo1408238 tail95365 thin7847 unshorn fetlocks45008 white background157238


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