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safe2153435 alternate version84627 artist:midnightpremiere405 apple bloom59583 opalescence2364 rainbow dash277210 scootaloo58416 sweetie belle56339 winona2790 cat8771 dog13409 earth pony437513 pegasus487581 pony1581349 unicorn528298 g42006517 christmas20959 christmas lights2790 christmas ornament386 clothes625271 cutie mark crusaders22214 decoration998 eyebrows23281 eyebrows visible through hair10848 female1780192 filly96145 foal42811 holiday34802 licking27279 looking at you254345 one eye closed44990 plushie30689 scarf31845 smiling389481 smiling at you23678 snow19466 snowflake1150 tongue out144819


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