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The Fallen Brony
{reads the tag, proceeds to slap the artist.}


{writer gets up, brings out a knife, and proceeds to stab Apple Bloom in the gut repeatedly}

I just saw some safe pictures of this
with much drama under it and I know
it's a sensetive topic, but I can't
stop laughing because everytime @RIG
posts laughing pics about the drama.

Like he's totally out of the picture and
watches the other meddle about something
unimportant. Hilarious xD

Although, I, too think that the whole comic
is fucked up.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Chaotic Neutral
We ALL know how this is going to end, bet you all 100 bits that by the end of this at least 2 fillies will be hot and sweaty by the end of this.
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Young Leosword
I've nearly forgotten that most bronies are mostly into mainstream media who must approach everything with the status quo… Not that I'm complaining 'cause without the mainstream I wouldn't have anything to laugh at. >:D