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Background Pony #0896
Wow…her parting gift is to take a huge steaming dump on her babies? What a bitch.

I believe we should be able to abuse these foul creatures any day. I don't give a flying fuck if its "inhumane"!!!! If i see a male one, i castrate it by tearing its balls off. If i see a female one, i tear off its tits and watch it bleed to death. If i see a pregnant one,i do one of 2 things, i either give it an abortion by reaching inside it and crushing the fetus or multiple fetus or ill just beat until the still born foals are pushed out of her. If i see foals, i do one of three things, ill cut it endlessly whilst its cries of pain, ill sell it, or I'll abuse it until end. God puts things on this earth for a reason. These worthless pieces of shit are here so we can kill,maim,and abuse them until their pitiful lives are ended!!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Is it really okay to want something gone or censor it just because you don't like it? If that's what you're wanting then you're being just like the guy who drew this assuming he was trying to correct this to fit his own vision on how fluffy ponies should be treated which no one has proven yet.

Why not just filter out "fluffy pony grimdark" and enjoy work from these more light hearted authors and artist: lordanubis, coalheart, gowdie, Wayward_N and another person, funkshire makes a lot of cute stuff, but some may think it's weird. They are on fluffybooru and would love the support.

Even though I'm more interested in the dark side of things, I welcome you and others with open arms.
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Artist -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The worst part is that it was made because they didn't liked the author's original idea so someone decided to "correct" it by adding some "Diabolus Ex Machina" as message to tell him to stop drawing what they don't like.