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safe1577266 artist:caluriri295 big macintosh26883 daisy2217 flower wishes2083 lily1782 lily valley1781 roseluck4664 earth pony199683 pony847076 big macintosh gets all the mares308 cat calling6 lilymac4 male306021 rosemac3 sexism77 shipping184203 stallion92923 straight121820 whistling245


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Young Leosword
Reportedly, Earth is 51% women. This'd mean Horse Planet is 51% male creatures… This probably means nothing, but whatever. X3
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Culture Vulture
0-0 I'm now imagining mainstream '00-'10 Equestrian rap where mares in loose clothing make dozens of songs about how they sleep with dozens of stallions and make it rain on them boys :P