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safe1752979 artist:egophiliac2150 trixie68786 twilight sparkle306464 alicorn233266 pony1012694 unicorn343282 tumblr:inconvenient trixie45 armchair287 book34604 chair7113 duo64938 female1404024 inconvenient trixie328 mare503267 scrunchy face7260 simple background409962 tumblr35005 twilight is not amused1521 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126297 unamused16777 white background102690 woonoggles636


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Background Pony #3C06
“What is it?”  
“Can I go to the top?”  

RarityXMaud OTP
“Trixie…how long have you been hiding down there.”
“All day.”
“Just…so you could surprise me.”
“Trixie does what Trixie wants.”

Trixie: Hey, uh…I found two bits in here.  
Twilight: …..  
Trixie: ….I’m totally keepin’ em.  
Twilight: ….grumbles