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Max Gilardi of the PONY.MOV series on Youtube arguments of a video he favorited. 4chan comment is hilarious.


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Cry some moar. You'd think the maker of a troll comedy series would have a thicker skin.
Maybe he's just grumpy that he peaked with the first video in the series.
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Since when did 4chan make something better? It's a dying website, a cancerous wound on the internet.
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>Any brony that isn't from 4chan is scum
Aw shucks, you mean I can only earn some random asshole's respect if I'm ashamed of the fact that I like something? Gee-wilickers, guess I'll go kill myself then.
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This wasn't from a PONY.MOV video, it was from an interview of someone dressed as Gilardi's version of Fluttershy that he favorited.

Mainly just this and fat jokes. Top comment: "Video summary: Gabe Newell in a pink dress."

Some people.
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i may not be a fan of the MOV videos, but Max Gilardi is certainly a cool dude.