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Please read the thread before over-reacting. -TLL


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10 bucks the person was trolling. I mean he "accidently" posted on Faust's page that Megan Mc Carthy was doing a much better job. Rightttttttttt
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@Sploich Look up the posts on here about Lauren going to /mlp/, the way it came off looking at the ">:( >:( >:(" tweet seems it was the dolls and their designs in general. She said something along the lines of not wanting to mention anything about the writing/story itself out of respect for her old crew.

Was she only complaining about the dolls specifically? I thought she had gone off one night about the wings and EQG, but if that's not true then nevermind.

I understood beforehand that using her Twitter handle would make her aware that I posted it, but I wasn't thinking at the time. Blindly using Twitter handles is one habit I will be kicking, if I've learned anything out of all of this.
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Thread Starter - Unpopular opinion time

Maybe Sploich shouldn't have put the link to Fausts twitter.
But i think it was an even bigger mistake for Faust to call Sploich out.
Now he has to deal with all these overreacted bronies.
I think Faust is a bit naive when it comes to this fandom.
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Ollo crew rejoice!

Don't worry, I understand. I mean that sincerely :)

My only qualm with what you have said here is this:

…and I understand that Lauren herself has qualms with how the way her show is being run these days

[ citation needed ]

There is no direct evidence (as far as I know) to prove that she has qualms with the way the show is being run these days (and no, the EQG dolls don't count).
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Overreaction is what this fandom does. You goofed up, and now you're trying to do the right thing; thanks for being reasonable and mature about the whole kerfuffle.

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Dude If I was you I would call the cops. trust me man, Some Bronies almost found out hte location of Yamino, Yeah some bronies need mental help. So be carefull okay?
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" I spent most of yesterday getting phone calls I didn’t answer and I had pizza delivered through my hacked Domino’s account."

This dose put things in a diffrent perspective. I didn't know how badly could some of the people who read her twitter would react to this Nor do i still know if Lauren herself is aware to the power her twitter account holds. In this situation Lauren did make a mistake posting a reply making your twit public on her account and i do hope that she both condemn these criminal reaction and learn from this not to call attention to comments such as yours.

Holding an unpopular opinion isn't a problem. Noone ever made work of art that everyone will love, and noone ever made a work of art that everyone hated either. Believing that Meghan's run on FiM is better than Lauren's is a perfectly vallid opinion to hold. Your only mistake was that you linked Lauren herself to the twit. If there is a lesson to learn from this situation is that the tagging system on twitter make your comment visible to the tagged person so only use them when you want the tagged person to see them.

I spent most of yesterday getting phone calls I didn't answer and I had pizza delivered through my hacked Domino's account.

I sent Lauren a couple tweets but I suppose this has become a big enough thing to warrant a public apology: I in no way meant to offend Lauren Faust with this tweet. What I meant to say was that while I do appreciate and respect Lauren Faust for everything she did and put into making My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic the great show that it is, my personal opinion is that Meghan McCarthy has done a better job expanding on that universe. I understand that this is a controversial opinion and I understand that Lauren herself has qualms with how the way her show is being run these days. That alone should have been reason enough for me to understand not to use her Twitter handle in my tweet. The thing is, I always just use people's handles out of habit when on Twitter, so I wasn't thinking.

I have apologized and explained myself to Faust and I hope that she accepts what I was originally intending to say.

I also would hope that she condemns the appaling and, in some cases, illegal action that was taken out on myself in defense of her. I understand that what I said was worded poorly (it's not the first time I've tried to give someone a compliment and people thought I was insulting someone), but the disgraceful display by some of my fellow bronies should not only be frowned upon, but discouraged.

I know that this is a minority of the fandom and that these few should not represent the entirety of bronies, and I hope anyone who sees this from outside the situation understands that as well.

Again, I'm sorry. I'll try better next time I have an opinion I know isn't exactly popular. It shows bad judgement on my part both as a writer and a critic.
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He gave his opinion, and said he wasn't trying to offend anyone. Yet now everyone is calling him "disrespectful" and "rude" for having an opinion, just because it differs from their's. Sure, it would have been better of he had not tagged Faust, but like someone said, maybe he didn't know she would see the message?

Just accept that he has a different opinion, and move on.