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Gunslinger Birb
@Princess Luna
I’m sorry but I don’t understand how these arguments can be useless. This is how a community can come to a conclusion on a specific issue, I’m all for the forums, but I can’t imagine more than 10% of the web traffic to the booru actually uses them. It feels like a convenient way for mods to say ‘shut up’.
I’m not trying to be a dick, that’s just the way I feel about it. Talking cordially and intellectually about issues like this is an important capability for members of the booru.
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Twilight created a magic that makes herself and the rest of the girls as hermaphrodites or just “chicks with dicks” and for their celebration they perform the “Orgy Of Friendship”.
Background Pony #C7F0
Let’s not argue here my friends. It’s just one stupid picture of the Mane Six as hermaphrodites having an “Orgy Of Harmony” or just a sixway.
Background Pony #C7F0
You’re all still on this? It’s futa puta! Six chicks with dicks! Ponies not phonies! There I think I’ve made my point.
Jelly Bean
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Huh…. I love this.  
Even though it might be Futa, or whatever. This is hot, because it’s Twilight being gangbanged <3 :D (Well, I might be kind of sick, but who isn’t on some level? :P )
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Next time people keep cluttering the comment section with useless arguments when I say “take it to the forums”, there will be bans.
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Because I really have nothing better to do than spend waste several hours of my time trying to define the difference between futa/angrogynous male/dickgirl/trap/etc. just so you petty people can stop yelling at eachother rather than behaving like civilized human beings and reaching an actual agreement.
Oh, yes, wait I do.