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safe1752350 artist:dm291668 alumnus shining armor221 applejack173432 dean cadance1173 flash sentry13175 fluttershy217411 pinkie pie220354 princess cadance33168 rainbow dash238781 rarity185735 shining armor23655 trixie68775 twilight sparkle306392 earth pony266622 human159075 pegasus309827 pony1012176 unicorn343033 equestria girls207461 applejack's hat8484 balloon10437 blushing204930 boop7607 colt15488 colt flash sentry19 colt shining armor113 cowboy hat17236 cute205911 cutedance1289 dashabetes9663 diapinkes10289 diasentres280 diatrixes3219 duality4381 equestria girls-ified10117 female1403493 filly69755 filly applejack595 filly cadance78 filly fluttershy717 filly pinkie pie412 filly rainbow dash1289 filly rarity441 filly trixie336 filly twilight sparkle2776 football1642 hat90509 hnnng2479 holding a pony3108 human ponidox3598 jackabetes6257 julian yeo is trying to murder us246 male388580 mane six32601 peanut butter crackers195 pony pet811 raribetes5633 shining adorable578 shyabetes14527 simple background409777 sleeping23959 square crossover434 teen princess cadance918 teen shining armor49 transparent background209148 twiabetes12284 twolight1217 whining243 younger17780


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Human Shining Armor is so not a brony… I love it.
Also, not even Human Rarity can handle Pony Rarity… and Pony Flash Sentry has plans.
Background Pony #34ED
Thing that fillies are saying
Twixie: Yay peanut butter crackers!
Pinkie pie: I wonder who is that rainbow pony?
Candance: Hi there.
Twilight: She looks just like me.
Shining armo: um….
Flash sentry: it’s so warm.
Fluttershy: She is kind like me.
Rarity: LET ME GO!!!
Applejack: this hat it’s so cozy.

Agree to this.
@Background Pony  
This on the other hand. Look, I may be a might indifferent to him, but having him in this picture isn’t going to completely ruin it. He’s a character from EQG with a pony counterpart, that’s the point of the picture.
Background Pony #52DE
Someone remove Flash Sentry. The one thing that ruins this picture is him.