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pinkiepony’s (April’s) actual ex-boyfriend (confirmed by pp herself) tells his past experiences of dating her


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

One of my roommates in college had a psychosis who was stalking him, and he said the reason he hadn’t broken things off with her sooner was because she was amazing in bed. People will put up with all manner of psychotic shit for a good lay, but eventually reality catches up and they realize they are going to destroy their own happiness for sex if they don’t stop.

Okay, I think it’s time we all settled down a bit. I had surmised fairly quickly that Pinkiepony was full of crap. I was also correct in my assessment that this would escalate (given Brett’s explanation of her patterns of behavior, it seems that that was accurate and this may have accelerated the process), but what’s happening here is attention seeking behavior.
The correct response is ignoring, not hate or mocking. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure how that could work via the internet. She’s always going to be getting attention from people, whether it’s positive (from her fanbase, which I imagine she will be losing slowly until it escalates) or negative (from anti-DWM people and trolls). Maybe talk to Tumblr about a psychological ban or something? I don’t know.
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@Tenafly Viper  
It’s really the best part of the whole thing
“I was molested and I don’t have a proble-”  
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Of course, they’re denying that pp’s history of being emotionally manipulative, unstable, and consistently dishonest has no bearing on the current state of things and should be set aside and not used to criticize her or the basis of the movement itself. Sort of like how when a bunch of rape survivors started criticizing the movement, they insisted their opinions didn’t count because they didn’t speak for all rape victims.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Possibly, though the more likely, non-jokey explanation, based on this and a previous post by the same guy, is that he felt sorry for her miserable, unstable butt and tried his hardest to make the relationship work, only calling it quits when that effort took too much of an emotional and mental toll on him.
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“She’s not smart enough to be doing pure evil.”
Indeed. After all, we’d do well to remember Hanlon’s Razor:
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
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Let me guess: Because I pointed out one place where Brett’s story changed, instead of going along with the pro-APM position of him being a 100% accurate chronicler of Pinkiepony’s horribleness, I must be one of Pinkiepony’s hypocritical defenders.
Even though I pointed out the hypocritical behavior of her defenders in that same comment.
Yeah, I think I’ve lost the last bit of sympathy I had for the pro-APM side. Both sides appear to be predominantly composed of people who can only see their side as completely right in everything they do and the other side as completely wrong, if not evil, in all their beliefs.
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@Background Human  
That’s why I said “maybe”. Most people here already hate Tumblr for anything other than pony ask blogs (and the rest just hate Tumblr), but the uninitiated need to know, lest they stray from the path. The path of not being a mindless SJW, I mean.  
Shit, that’s redundant too.