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2013 NATG Finale: Draw any/all previous prompts.

Congratulations to this year's participants!
safe1555734 artist:wryte125 apple bloom46193 applejack157276 big macintosh26668 bon bon15477 bulk biceps3199 button mash3751 carrot cake2014 cheerilee9279 cranky doodle donkey906 cup cake3715 derpy hooves47922 discord28430 dj pon-327907 doctor whooves9991 donut joe748 fleur-de-lis3318 fluttershy195812 iron will1292 lightning dust4175 lyra heartstrings27491 mayor mare3031 octavia melody22075 peewee278 photo finish2499 pinkie pie201419 princess cadance30123 princess celestia89039 princess luna93133 queen chrysalis31908 rainbow dash217238 rarity167966 scootaloo48824 spike74218 spitfire12691 steven magnet556 sweetie belle46284 sweetie drops15477 time turner9976 trixie61157 twilight sparkle279854 vinyl scratch32002 zecora8686 oc593843 oc:cream heart2011 oc:phoe72 alicorn191049 changeling39075 donkey1571 dragon46605 earth pony190584 minotaur889 pegasus232504 pony826892 unicorn257681 zebra15432 80s1017 80s cheerilee384 academy record65 accent197 alternate hairstyle23793 arrow1864 bass guitar500 beach12460 bikini15452 cheerleader2446 clothes401223 cutie mark crusaders17533 dream walker luna734 facehoof1625 fainting couch847 female879997 fire9840 flex45 gazebo73 glaze35 glowstick667 hourglass293 kissing22126 lesbian91296 lyrabon3047 male299142 mane seven5851 mane six29013 marshmelodrama715 meme77931 musical instrument6786 newbie artist training grounds4443 objection179 ocean5113 orange829 pinecone129 pom pom1076 rave577 rock paper scissors42 saloon dress339 saloon pinkie269 shipping181535 showgirl117 simple background337932 sleeping21347 snoring597 straight120131 subversion131 sugarcube corner1904 swimsuit24228 table dancing10 teacup2545 the worst possible thing105 train2183 train station324 transformation9587 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113765 wall of tags2243 water11048 weight lifting446 white background84867 z257 zzz2196


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