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>implying I'm going to tag all of that
safe1597334 applejack161019 claude59 cup cake3857 derpy hooves48360 dj pon-328208 pinkie pie205665 princess cadance30743 princess celestia90376 princess luna94720 queen chrysalis33016 rarity172191 twilight sparkle285671 vinyl scratch28210 oc615013 oc:milky way2086 pegasus251174 pony866999 /mlp/9238 4chan6609 4chan screencap2588 absurd resolution63848 big smoke37 brucie kibbutz1 bully502 bully (videogame)1 carl johnson27 crossover58655 eddie low1 female1270637 fernando martinez1 franklin clinton20 grand theft auto610 gruppe 64 gruppe sechs2 gta v212 gta vice city14 jimmy de santa4 jimmy hopkins27 jizzy b1 john marston27 kent paul2 lamar davis5 lance vance1 lazlow1 lester crest6 little jacob2 los santos police department1 lspd1 mare431393 mary-ann quinn1 max payne30 michael de santa28 michael townley18 mike toreno1 niko bellic21 officer ronson1 og loc2 red dead redemption77 rockstar29 rockstar games24 roman bellic14 ron jacowski1 ryder10 san andreas7 security officer casey1 sweet johnson5 the truth24 tommy vercetti10 trevor philips39 vic vance1 vice city9 victor vance4 wall of tags2589 wu zi mu1


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Background Pony #86AF
I was laughing when I first started reading this. Then I got to Claude's part and I completely lost it.
Artist -

Holy shit that was awesome.I like it how the characters talk like how they actually talk in their own games.Also I like it how everyone in Rockstar's games are in there even John Marston and Jimmy Hopkins are there
Background Pony #FCBB
The two sane ones were Niko and Trevor. Now Niko I understand… but TREVOR!!!
I need some scotch… or five…
Background Pony #FD93
Just a heads up, this was the FINAL cap.

The others were my work-in-progress caps that someone else uploaded.
Background Pony #EFAE
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