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I’m afraid I cannot understand the mindset of someone who’s seen these past eight months of unending whining, and despite claiming he’s utterly tired of it, sees a pic of season 4, and throws out a snide remark, knowing it’ll just start another hundred pages of bitchstorm which he won’t have the willpower to avoid joining, and will leave tired and disgusted, his hour ruined.
It’s not even trolling by now.
Background Pony #7D86
Your “solution” to the debate over Twilicorn is “everyone, agree with me”; what sort of replies did you expect?
Yeah, I’m willing to give this change a chance, but the “it’s just a cartoon/girl’s show/commercial” argument has always annoyed me, too.
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Not to mention the whole thing was started by someone who said It should be more than just a girl’s show. Mizzfaust would be heavily disappoint in AliTwi supporters at this point.
world hunger’s been solved, it’s just that everyone is a goddamn luddite about it.
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I’d think a better example would be where bronies are talking about wishing someone were killed (or threatening to do so themselves) over cartoon ponies.
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If you think this is bad you’re obviously very sheltered. This thread is trivial compared to other shit I’ve seen in the fandom and orders of magnitude tamer than the drama that lurks in the dark corners of the wider furry fandom.
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@Background Pony  
We all know that this drama is a Tarrasque. Tarrasques don’t die. They go into Superman-style comas and wake up when they want to wreck shit up again.
I’m cool with Alicorn Twi though.
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No I did. However, I may not be the one who bans you. Look, let’s just let bygones be bygones and call it a truce before we say something that we’ll regret?