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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Here’s a thought: she entered the ancient temple of the Dodo pegasi, scoffing at the rumors it was cursed.
When her stomach started getting upset, she thought it was just the foreign food. When it started cramping, she thought she had a bit of Mountezuma’s Revenge, she found a nice, quiet corner where the ground was exposed to do her business. But when she finally let go, it wasn’t anything like what she was expecting.
It came from the wrong place, and never had an intestinal problem hurt so bad. Then the pain ceased, the big, hard object filling her pussy revving her up slowly, an unnatural lust taking hold and making its passage more pleasurable than it should be. When it squeezed its way out of her pussy, it saluted her clit, kicking off an unnaturally strong orgasm, tears in her eyes as she fought the pleasure… and the pain came again as another egg passed out of her cervix.
Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain, they assaulted her one after another until she could no longer tell which was which. At some point, she managed to flop over and start crawling. Leaving a trail of eggs, she managed to get out of the temple after hours of fighting to move.
Then the eggs stopped, and she passed out.
When she eventually awoke, she thought it was over… until her stomach cramped again. But this time, after only three orgasmic eggs, her cervix now altered for only pleasure, it stopped. In the coming weeks, she would lay more eggs, a few at a time, her belly slowly swelling as her womb stretched to hold more before she had to lay again, her body continually producing them at a rate of about one a day.
So she researched. The only artifact that could cure the curse was hidden in the temple. Only a pony blessed by the Dodo tribe could enter the temple unmolested-if she went back in, her body would start producing so many eggs so quickly that she soon wouldn’t be able to move except squirm and lay more.
And so Daring Do was brought to Ponyville, where her sources had told her the last of the Dodo blood flowed, in the hopes that one small filly would be able to rescue her from a life of endless birthing.
The weakened blood, and the filly’s lack of knowledge in her tribe’s ancient customs, though, would only slow the curse, not stop it. As her friends would soon regret.
But that’s another story.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I love that game and cannot wait for TiTS* to come out.☺
(for those of you out of the loop this stands for Trials in Tainted Space)