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Here are the profile info screens for every Mane6 general!
Each with their own bit of backstory and army emblem.
Yeah, writing isn't my strong point, so I'm sorry if it sounds corny xD

Rainbow Dash >>474152
Applejack >>474155
Pinkie Pie >>474156
Twilight Sparkle >>474153
Rarity >>474151
Fluttershy >>474154


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Smelling the Ashes...
I wonder if Malcom "ace" Granger is Rainbowdash in diguise… but i think THATS REALLY COOL! I LOVE GENERALS!
Dash= malcom 'ace' Granger
Applejack: Ta Hun kwai
Pinky pie: Tsing Shi Tao
Twilight sparkle: Alexis alexander
Rarity: "pinoint" Townes
Fluttershy: ???