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There is no context available for this scene.
safe1687385 artist:king-kakapo1168 twilight sparkle298079 oc672648 oc:anon11610 human152650 pony949118 unicorn315190 angry26744 aura845 blushing194352 ear fluff28647 female1345524 frown22573 funny4089 glare8211 holding a pony2948 horn grab241 imminent pain124 mare471585 open mouth141946 pointing3979 rage1496 simple background386960 smiling242932 this will end in tears3306 this will end in tears and/or death2262 too dumb to live222 twilight is not amused1456 unamused15918 underhoof51138 unicorn twilight16820 upside down5463 white background96001


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There aren't any words in the English language able to describe the pure rage Twilight's facial expression is trying to convey.