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There is no context available for this scene.
safe1753143 artist:king-kakapo1198 twilight sparkle306483 oc713110 oc:anon11926 human159139 pony1012800 unicorn343339 angry28134 aura889 blushing205009 ear fluff31302 female1404149 frown23619 funny4236 glare8305 holding a pony3108 horn grab275 imminent pain130 mare503316 open mouth154915 pointing4187 rage1564 simple background410001 smiling261842 this will end in tears3444 this will end in tears and/or death2335 too dumb to live238 twilight is not amused1521 unamused16781 underhoof53826 unicorn twilight18756 upside down5747 white background102695


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There aren’t any words in the English language able to describe the pure rage Twilight’s facial expression is trying to convey.