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safe1898768 artist:cannibalus115 applejack183547 fluttershy231442 pinkie pie232974 rainbow dash253170 rarity197841 twilight sparkle324527 bat2005 bear1856 earth pony330058 fruit bat344 hydra523 parasprite2137 pegasus373562 pony1246277 unicorn410989 ursa481 ursa minor635 backlighting986 crossover67218 dark4872 don't starve87 female1535751 mane six34459 mare577567 moon26600 multiple heads1831 needle768 net365 pickaxe661 shovel1132 stone spear20 text71286 thread928 unicorn twilight23566 weapon34908 wool75


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i guess rarity would be wickerbottom, rainbow dash maybe could be willow, a depressed pinkie pie (canon one from party for one) would be wendy and discord is maxwell of course.  
PD: spike might be chester
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Who would be who I wonder? Clearly Twi would be Wilson, and Flutters could maybe be Wendy…or Wes…poor useless Wes.