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safe2153066 artist:spier17131 princess celestia111770 princess luna116235 alicorn309788 pony1580992 g42006137 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3028 absurd resolution67038 angry36236 crown29380 duo164112 duo female29455 element of generosity1392 element of honesty1368 element of kindness1551 element of laughter1394 element of loyalty1594 element of magic3471 elements of harmony2875 ethereal mane13140 female1779741 frown35469 glowing horn28694 hoof shoes9354 horn178417 jewelry110586 magic95454 magic aura8733 mare727421 peytral7155 regalia35682 royal sisters6562 saddle bag8115 simple background585007 sisters17547 spread wings91756 starry mane6981 telekinesis38546 transparent background280958 vector89277 wings216540


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Let’s see here…
Celestia has Kindness, Generosity, and Magic.  
Luna has Loyalty, Laughter, and Honesty.
Makes sense to me. :D