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safe1945427 artist:andypriceart3357 princess celestia104131 princess luna108287 alicorn269666 pony1295184 idw17916 andy you magnificent bastard282 bloodshot eyes3463 caffeine105 celestia is not amused642 coffee4498 cover3194 cup7618 frown28005 funny4780 funny as hell559 hypercaffinated10 logo4987 luna found the coffee36 open mouth193020 smiling323374 spread wings73137 tongue out126209 unamused20151 wide eyes18663


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@Background Pony #9DA3  
My mental model is that most ponies are modeled after Falabella horses (around 200 pounds max). Previous generations of MLP were modeled after Shetlands (about 400 pounds). The princesses are tall, but not built like drafts, so they’re not as heavy as a draft horse would be (2000-ish pounds).
Background Pony #70A8
Depends on the breed. Some are, some aren’t. The sisters are quite a bit larger than your usual pony, so it’s not out of the question.
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Young Leosword
Ooh, I think I know what to do. Twilight will be hopped up and tied to a tree or a support beam while Pinkie and Rainbow nurse her milkies. :3
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Young Leosword
As an act of revenge, I may one day commission Smudge to have two ponies [EXTREMELY CENSORED LEL] while hopped up on coffee. XD
Artist -

Spoony Bard
I swear THIS give me the best laugh of 2013, I mean how, HOW did this get the green light by the censors. luna’s face just screams “ I’M HIGH ON DRUGS!”. I just had to have this cover in my MLP comic collection
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The Fallen Brony
Alright, let’s see what today’s drama is…
Celestia and how she’s supposed to be in character…

Yeah, I’m gonna just get out of here before my animosity towards her kicks in.