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safe1922135 artist:cigarscigarettes88 artist:php13038 apple bloom55280 applejack184884 earth pony339665 pony1269549 accessory swap1860 adorabloom3400 bandana6103 blushing231387 both cutie marks12231 cheek fluff7561 collaboration6078 colored21628 crepuscular rays3832 cute228802 detailed900 dock59585 featured image1028 female1557059 filly81057 fluffy16260 freckles34882 grass12082 grin50156 hooves21960 jackabetes6964 leaning4351 lidded eyes37200 mare589609 nose wrinkle3413 prone29932 scar14006 scenery9070 shade364 sisters11983 smiling316205 squee2040 tree39289 unshorn fetlocks34092


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Background Pony #7AE9
Hey there lil pony. Does that hat… Take ten gallons?  
Background Pony #9662
This is so good. I like how they look horsey but don’t have those beady little horse eyes
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I love Earthsong9405’s art, she has an awesome style and some lovely unique designs.
Cute Apple siblings, btw.
Wait, Earthsong isn’t DNP anymore?

I absolutely love how this artist does ponies, they manage to make them unique without diving into “donut steal” territory