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safe1589080 artist:goat train2786 cloudchaser3711 flitter2915 pony856227 attack on pony92 attack on titan559 bow24665 d:417 eyes closed81320 giant flitter3 giant pegasus249 giant pony4586 giantess3796 gritted teeth10442 macro10762 mega/giant/macro flitter1 open mouth124975 raised hoof39897 spread wings48389 stuck2317 surprised8188


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Mustard Seed Faith

I'm not sure if it was you who said it, but if not then I do recall someone posting "who cleans clifford's crap anyway?" and undoubtedly (in my mind) it's not too uncommon of a question. Still, "Corn shovel, biohazard suit and mil thick 50-gallon construction bag" — I am laughing at this moment.

Add a helicopter to the mix and you may have an idea. Hopefully he doesn't go in public, People would be having quite a day cleaning that out of their front yard.

"Uh, Sir? We have a bit of a problem; A dog just done its business in our yard and we have guests coming over."

"What's the issue? Just clean it up."

"You didn't see how big that dog was, you just didn't. I need some sort of a massive cleaning crew out here, like send out a hundred people and some helicopters and don't drop any of it!"

Lol! I knew it!

ewwww… now I cannot unsee.

Though one thing I have always wondered is when Emily walks Cliford how does the whole "pick up after your pets" thing work? A corn shovel, biohazard suit and Mil thick 50 gal construction bag?

If spike went to human land and became a small purple dog… what would happen if a Big red dog from people land went to Equestria?