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Nice modified implementation of this, DB, though neigh being a thing again was unexpected.

I like it this way.
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@Background Pony #922B
If you want to have the "neigh" buttons back, I've already written a script to do that. So far I've tested it on both firefox+greasemonkey and chromium+tampermonkey.
See this post for the link to the latest version, and this post for installation instructions.
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Merging the "fave" and "yay" icons so that you could click the star/yellow number to fave something and click the upvotes/green icon to upvote something would make perfect sense. I don't know why those were separate if space is an issue anyway.
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It works on firefox, but I have found one problem: It currently doesn't show you if you've already voted/faved something. I'm working on fixing that, but it isn't trivial.