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safe1948660 artist:uotapo1043 a.k. yearling335 daring do6827 derpy hooves53695 rainbow dash257378 sunset shimmer71648 twilight sparkle330288 human198613 equestria girls231095 autograph389 blushing235230 book38830 book signing12 clothes550738 costume34780 cute232437 dashabetes10820 dress52938 ear piercing34825 earring26720 equestria girls-ified11780 fangasm81 fangirl268 fangirling134 female1581850 green dress82 hair ornament306 hat106708 hilarious in hindsight3514 jewelry88944 movie premiere4 open mouth193677 piercing52403 ponytail22248 premiere17 shimmerbetes4841 stupid sexy daring do26 sunset helper29


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Background Pony #0D93
So now that we know that the Daring Do series is a dramatization of the author’s real-life adventures, I have to wonder if that means she really did survive an explosion by hiding in a fridge?
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Artist -

What do you call a fan of the Daring Do Franchise?
A Darringer (from “derringer”, a type of concealed single or multi-barrel handgun)
Background Pony #2891
Thank you Rainbow, Sunset, and Twilight, for showing us all the definition of “nerd-gasm”.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I though you were talking about Equestria Girls
I haven’t been on Equestria Daily in years
but I’m gonna guess its either super easy to get posed on it or they only promote the already well know stuff
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

While I have yet to seen it, it would seem to be the cast of
1 Not ponies but humans  
2 standard high school drama cartoon
the result is looking the “magic” of Equestria