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safe2119893 brawly beats306 curly winds776 drama letter826 flash sentry14840 indigo wreath579 microchips1540 mystery mint1012 nolan north518 normal norman980 ringo306 scott green481 some blue guy754 sophisticata520 sweet leaf647 tennis match608 thunderbass742 valhallen583 velvet sky615 watermelody1118 wiz kid753 equestria girls249440 equestria girls (movie)8958 g41934310 amy heartstruck34 axel jones22 background human6919 brad382 chloe commons48 mary donna26 microdash4 nolanmint11 normity27 normsticata17 patricia water melody12 pete pasta6 reference sheet17926 roman roland10 sophie sophisticata30 soren "thunderbass" skyler19 timothy typhoon5


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Hi!Today I bring to you my own head-canons of Thunderbass and Valhallen:
Thunderbass:Bass’s probably a not so good secret keeper, but he truly is the best friend everyone wants to have. With a honest heart of gold and a calm,cool,collected personality, Thunderbass is an honest,caring,cool,collected,calm and loyal person.He would do anything for his friends and even thought he’s not so good at keeping secrets,he would do his best.He has a crush on Cherry Crash and he plays the bass and is the “leader” in his band ,Thunderstruck.He’s is also a very load and unpredictable person .
Valhallen:Like his friend,Bass,Val is also a daring,caring,kind,loyal,loving and loud person. He would protect and support his friend no matter what and friendship is probably an important thing for him.Even thought he is relaxed all the time,when a problem appears,he is serious and, no matter how many funny jokes his friends will say,he’ll don’t even smile or giggle .He plays the guitar(Okay,okay, sometimes he plays the drums,but only at special events or moments.) and is the “second-in-command” in his band ,Thunderstruck. He has a crush on Paisley (Named Roza in my head-canon.).^^
What do you think?~CartoonGirl
Duck - Niggoslav_Kwaczyk
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).
A Perfectly Normal Pony - Drinky_Butt
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

oh, so THIS is what the ‘normal norman’ stuff came from.  
Never really understood it (or why anyone would care for this work, really.)  
Holy shit prototype Coco though. Wonder if watermelody was intentionally made Coco.

Want the explanation? Here it is!
Due to his purple colour and Fleur de Lis pin, /mlp/ thought he was a Saint (from the Saints Row games) so they christened him “Saints Bro”, before being paired with Norman Normal (cousins/friends/gay couple?) and being re-named to sound more alike… And someone proposed Nolan North… We don’t know if it was an allusion to the real life VA…
Quick Change

@Squirmy Hooves  
I had went to Kalos as a trainer named Xavier Chang, left Luke at home. Yet he still found me anyway, after somehow training with Korrina for a while. I like it that he can now Mega Evolve, makes him more powerful than before. Lately he’s been going back to Kalos, as a human-pokémon half breed. A hu’mon if you will. He’s been making a lot of friends, which is very good. I’m glad he’s opening up to others, he usually just hangs with those he feels closest to.
Squirmy Hooves
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Quick Change  
Yup, i’m a girl, is that bad? (Well, Squirmy does sound like a boyish kinda name. But my sister is Dinky and mom is Derpy, so…)
Ah, right! THAT Lucario! (Smash Bros Lucario AKA Sir Aaron s’ Lucario! But of course, since you said Luke was not in Diamond and Pearl, lemme guess Riley’s Lucario is actually a descendant\reincarnation of Luke. And he was also in Pokèmon X… under Korrina’s ownership?)
Yes, i’ve been in that dimension many times. They call it the “furry side” of the “Land of Fiction.” Doctor has been here in his second incarnation! (i actually met all of his incarnations but am a companion mainly to the Tenth Doctor Whooves) You might not have seen me because of the chameleon circuit thingy. Also because i prefer to stay with whatever companion was with me in the TARDIS. I am not fated though to have companions from here. Once i knew two guys named Frances J. Worthington and Beau Broke, who were fated to meet and fall in love, and i actually helped them to do it, or else the world would have literally crumpled. But them two, as companions? I cannot do it because their fate said so. The TARDIS decides companions, not the Doctor. And the Time Leprechaun decides The TARDIS’ fate. (leprechauns decide fates thats what they do right?)
Yes, i know who Luke is, and i have hung out with you and Nic\Sonic once, but due to the chameleon circuit, you may have forgot about it once i was gone. I was here while this strange future man kidnapped Luke and teleported him to his time with that Dialga. But do not worry, the Doctor is teaming up with Sarah Jane Smith (pony version of DW characters have still the same name) and Fluttershy, in order to return Luke to his time with you.
Quick Change

@Squirmy Hooves  
My Lucario was in Mystery of Mew, Brawl, and Pokémon X. Don’t ask me how, he just was. Nowadays we spend most of our time together with Nic Speed(Sonic the Hedgehog) in a mass crossover dimension where most animal characters live in the form of humans, but still have traces of their original being. Even the Mane Six can be found there from time to time.  
I live in Apartment X, room 104.
Squirmy Hooves
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Quick Change  
Ah, right! You’re Quick Change, the alicorn of imagination! My name is Squirmy Hooves, i am an unicorn artist-type who is distantly related to Derpy and Dinky Hooves through a time-travel related accident. I was actually born when Ponet (BTW, Claude Oscar Ponet is Dinky and Amethyst Star s’ biological father.) once had a dream of a Pokèmon called Samurott, and when he woke up he decided to paint it. And the painting was so awesome, but so awesome, that an unicorn filly was born from the sheer awesomeness of it! And that unicorn filly grew up to be ME! The reason you do not see me very often in the show, it’s because i have a chameleon circuit* of sorts, where apparently i cannot be seen on a TV screen because the sheer awesomeness of my appearance has a 10% percent chance to make human virgins aged below 21 explode. (thats only when i am in Equestria, not the human world or Gallopfrey\Gallifrey or other planets, and while Gallifreyans, Trakenites, Alzarians, Trionites, and other species can pass for humans, they’re really not, so they do not count.)
I do think i’ve seen Luke! He was stolen by a weird-looking human male that said some things about the time-stream. He appeared to be from the distant future according to his clothes, and he had a Dialga with him. As i visited the Pokèworld many times, i could also tell somewhat that his facial features looked quite a bit like a mix of Barry and Dawn, with tealish hair (RBG 40, 134, 122), and fire-golden eyes (RBG 209, 138, 67). He was most likely their descendant, had an unusually high-ish aura power, and was wearing something resembling an aura armor like Sir Aaron and Riley but more future-ized, but he also had a reddish-orange long scarf that looked almost as long as the one Doctor Whooves’ fourth incarnation had, but tighter and lightly Lucario-head-patterned. He also wore pendants similiar to the ones Cynthia wears in her hair, but at his neck. He was talking to some futuristic device, and if i heard correctly, his name is Arkeos Primal Chronos, but that might have been a codename, and his language seemed complicated, as the Pokepanese language would have evolved by then, plus both Arkeos and the person he was talking to (possibly a cyborg girl resembling Lucian and Will quite a bit) had strong-ish “alien\futurey” accents.
*Usually disguised as Rhythm Nightshade: http:/ /static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130823005529/ mlp/ images/c / c8 / Night _Shade_ID_S1E18.png, but more often than not as inanimate objects such as rocks or trees.