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Background Pony #5825
Not sure why it’s not. I understand actors sometimes speak in a different accent for a certain character they play, but otherwise people talk as they normally would.  
Interesting, thanks.  
I don’t know anything about this website. Why the warning?
Background Pony #D85C
Oh, sorry for the expression.  
I don’t know how to express it, but in American TV shows and movies most people speak with a way more common to each other than how people speak in most such media from England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada or Australia. But maybe I’m generalizing to much.

@Background Pony #FF68  
As mentioned below, I am a Texan, and AJ and Applebloom sound spot on to an accent down here. Oh, and there is no such thing as an “American” accent. We have a pretty big country, hell Texas is larger than France, and there are many different accents all around the country.
Background Pony #5825
I don’t know much about various accents and I don’t even know what accent do I speak in (I learned to speak English as my second language from various TV shows, mostly American ones; I certainly know I speak more like Americans than Brits, Canadians or Australians).
So my understanding is the way Rarity speaks in this episode is a gross exaggeration of the way people in the Souther regions of USA speak. Is the way Applejack or Applebloom more close to that? I find the accent of those two (especially AB) somewhat nice to hear.
In either case, I found Rarity’s accent in this episode really enjoying, it was cute and humorous, as the cartoon itself is. On the other hand, I dislike the ordinary way of speaking of that character.
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I still maintain that AJ’s accent isn’t Southeast US southern.
Hers seems to be what I’d imagine to be a ranch sort of Western, not the slow drawl or planatation sort of drawl you get from southerners.
Source: Born and raised in Georgia for 18 years. No, not Atlanta. Atlanta doesn’t count.
I, Da Witchfinder

I’m not even from the south (Pennsylvanian, thank you very much), and Rarity’s attempt made me cringe at points.
It was comical at points, though, but the real deal was Applejack’s southern belle accent.
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Temporal Physicist
I… I must say this was my least favourite episode. I just can’t take Rarity’s bad accent. That’s my biggest reason for disliking this episode was the grating of that accent on my ears.
The moral was a good one, though.