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safe1555810 artist:droll3153 princess cadance30124 queen chrysalis31908 shining armor21552 twilight sparkle279859 oc593889 oc:mirror gleam13 changepony836 hybrid14727 dna29 double helix15 fanfic art12833 fanfic cover1148 female880094 foal14652 interspecies offspring6177 male299170 offspring33620 parent:queen chrysalis978 parent:shining armor1174 parents:shining chrysalis164 straight120134


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Background Pony #1627
If they don’t mean that this is supposed to be flurry heart’s brother, this doesn’t make sense unless this was made before season six started
Artist -

First came love, then came marriage scratches a record to an impostor. Now there's changeling in the baby carriage. Shining Armor bugs out in this splice of life comedy. It's Draconian Soul's "My Son is a Changeling."
Duck - Niggoslav_Kwaczyk
A Perfectly Normal Pony - Drinky_Butt
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #7849 I'm surprised there's no grimdark centered around the idea myself. It would lend itself to a good drama fic. Chrysalis wants to love Shiny's little colt as much as the rest of the swarm, but can't get over the resemblance, and each glance also reminds her of how he cost her the victory over Canterlot, so she slowly begins to resent him and view him as competition for the swarm as he gets older. Eventually the mistreatment leads him to run away and wahnnngst ensues as he struggles to find a place in the world, especially as her neglect leaves him with incomplete changing powers (something is always 'off' so the mildly xenophobic pony populace eventually figures it out) Eventually he makes his way to Ponyville where Zecora fixes him up and tries to teach him to shapeshift properly with visualisation tricks. Then he goes to Ponyville, lives amongst them for a bit, gets found out somehow, and Twilight recognises how much he looks like her brother so she hides him in secret and takes him to the castle.

Meanwhile Chrysalis feels a bit heartsick that she would have abused one of her children to the point he cut himself off from the hive, only realising she went too far after he left. She resolves to send her changelings infiltrate Equestria and find her missing progeny.

bam, there you have it, the groundwork for the next major awsm changeling fic!
Background Pony #98C6
I never liked the idea that Shining Armor and Chrysalis ended up with a kid.

Oh geez… I just realized if you look at it just right it appears as though the colts head and arms are emerging from Shining's chest.

Probably not exactly half-n-half,
1 part cadence,
1 part Shining with contaminated DNA,

So probably something like 3/4 pony and 14 changeling with some free ranging plasmids/ribosomes free floating in the blood.